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Totally Off the Wall…

28 Jan

Let me say this right from the start….

I listen to all genres of music. My favorite is probably–what is considered now–classic adult rock.  Styx, Eagles, Boston, etc. But I listen to almost everything.

When I am just chillin’ ( or trying to quiet the voices 😛 ) I prefer smooth jazz.  Today I ran across a pianist though that just blew me away.  Yiruma from Korea.  If you want a mellow atmosphere, you owe it to yourself to check this guy out. wow…

I put the “All Yiruma–Playlist” on my youtube page and just let it go.  He really is great.

Actually, I’m listenin’ to him as I type this and it mellows me so much, I kinda go blank every now n then; losin’ myself in the music.

I had planned on not singling out individuals in this blog but, what the hell, I got the right to change my mind 😉

Ok, I’m enjoyin’ him a little too much, so I’m gonna check out for now

Cya \m/


Political bushwa

26 Jan

Happy Humpday…

Anybody else notice that news coverage of candidates platforms, where they stand on issues, etc. usually only takes 3-5 minutes BUT “news” of their marital issues, taxes, etc. takes 10+ minutes A NIGHT?!

IMHO, the last several presidential elections have all been “the lesser of 2 evils”.  Then the yahoos get into office and they can’t even respect THE PHYSICAL OFFICE SPACE of the most powerful “leader” of the free world.

Washington is W-A-Y to full of politicians.  They spend more time placing blame than fixing things. DO YOUR DAMN JOBS!

They live in a fantasy world where ONLY what they want for themselves matters.  The government “of the people, by the people and for the people” that Lincoln spoke of has been gone for years.

1) Fire every elected official.  Cancel their “full salary retirement”, let ’em draw Social Security.

2) Fire all “political appointees”–they’re as bad as the elected officials.

3)Institute term limits in both houses………….3a) Toward the end of a person’s term, they get evaluated; if they didn’t perform their jobs satisfactorily, they don’t get to run again EVER for any elected office.

4) REQUIRE EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS and their staff to sign moral contracts based on the laws that EVERY AMERICAN has to follow.

5) Abolish PACs, lobbyists, the electoral college and all other self-interest groups.

6) BAN all “gifts”, “incentives”, “contributions”, etc. to individuals.

7) Use the popular vote in elections.

This is just a few of the things I would LOVE to see happen. This country is headed down the shitter. IT HAS TO STOP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

The out-of-touch, greedy, self-serving, narcissistic  dipsticks are ruining this country.

Ever hear the saying….”Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”?  That is fast becoming a fallacy, if you ask me.

I know that a lot of this is unrealistic but I am a fed-up, pissed-off American.  I have to vent.

Cya \m/




Kindle prices vs paperback prices

18 Jan

OK, I don’t know how many people out there have Kindles or any ebook readers, so this might not apply to you.

I’ll use a book I just received today for an example…

I Am Legend

Yeah, yeah I know, the book’s been out for a while.  I loved the movie (WILL S.!) I’ve seen it…I dunno, a BUNCH of times.  I finally figured I’d get the book and see what all the hubbub was about vis-a-vis the book is so much better than the movie.  I’ll let you know where I fall on that issue after I read it….

ANYway, the book measured at 5 1/2″ x 8 1/4″…bigger than the standard paperback…kinda like a “soft” hard cover, know what I mean?

Kindle price as of 230p est on Amazon…. $7.19 USD

my “paperback”…….$2.50 NEW…got it for .01 + $3.99 S&H (used) so $4.00…

that’s a side issue though…

Using Amazon’s prices ONLY…..Kindle $7.19….MASS MARKET paperback…the el cheapo cover….$7.99…my book that I got….$10.17

How in the heck do distributors justify an ebook being only .80 CHEAPER than the cheapest paperback?!  There’s no printer, ink, paper charges. Also, no shipping, storage, postage…the list goes on.

I know a lot of writers self-publish on Amazon.  I think Amazon should have a place for it’s customers to sign up and volunteer to proofread, edit, etc  for some of these guys, personally, but that’s something for another day too.

But, the big guys who list on Amazon REALLY need a reality check. They want to treat ebooks like a physical thing.  I see the future coming…they’re gonna price themselves out of business because the writers will wise up and start self-publishing because the profit margin is so much higher.  I’ll bet ANYTHING the writers aren’t getting a bigger piece of the ebook sales. It’s just padding the publishers pockets….greedy b**tards.

I know several good authors on Amazon and most of them either self-pub or have created their own online pub companies with other authors…


Good for you. Why give away most of the profits from your sweat, blood and babies to somebody else?  YOU DESERVE IT. I know you still might have to pay for pro editors or whatever; BUT your share’ll be much higher over all, won’t it?

Hey, BTW—how the heck can I become an editor if I need experience, but I can’t get experience because nobody’ll hire me because I don’t have any experience? If you understood that random thought..’splain it to me. ok? 😛

Cya \m/

Dumbing-down America

17 Jan

NO idea how many people this post might piss-off, but it’s my post soooo….if you don’t like it TOUGH!

First, I don’t like “reality” shows. There’s nothing real about them.  Every one is so scripted, edited and re-enacted; there shouldn’t even BE a “reality show” genre.

I will give credit to the original—Survivor, season 1.  Of course, The Deadliest Catch has always been real. They just have to edit down the footage to fit into the 1 hour segments each week.

Every season–which recently became twice-a-year–see’s the return of —or introduction of new– innane drivel. Do people really believe “their votes choose the winners each week”? come ON folks. How many times has the “favorite” been “voted” out? Or the least  favorite moved up? puh-LEASE.

The T.V. has finally taken the nickname “idiot box” to a WHOLE new level. It seems the jackholes that run the networks–cable channels as well as the big 3(4), don’t even TRY to come up with new ideas for shows……

“hey what if a guy and his loser family can’t get real jobs? Let’s make them (insert stupid-ass idea here–the dumber the better)Oh and let’s make sure the viewers can be disgusted and/or grossed-out each week, either by the looks of the characters or their behavior”….OR…”let’s put wannabes or has-beens on stage and let the mindless drones watch and THINK they have control over anything!” mwah–HA-HA-HAAAAAA

As the years have progressed, the minds behind some of the R.S.–as I will call them–have gotten more and more filled with B.S. it seems.

SyFy (SyFy = SciFi? REALLY?! another blog another time) channel is coming out with 2 new RS’s. Ohhh Myyy GAWDDD! Do people ACTUALLY pay other people to think up this CRAP??!


I guess that as long as people will put up with being shamed, degraded or insulted just to get their 15 minutes, it will never end. PLEASE FIND YOUR SELF RESPECT.

Here’s an idea, if you can’t think of a new idea for a show….look back 5 or so years at some shows that didn’t make it then, maybe they were before their time, or were cancelled before their time…perfect example…FIREFLY…Las Vegas—without Delinda (whiney, spoiled bitch killed the show) NYPD Blue, the ORIGINAL LAW & ORDER! –Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson were awesome. Man, so many others…..

*deep breath*

Ok, I’ve vented enough for now, maybe….

Cya \m/

Okay, OKAY Quit Shovin’!

15 Jan

To be honest, I forgot about setting this blog up until someone posted on it, no names but his initials are Drunken Knight…thanks for the reminder bu-u-uddy

First and foremost, I am NOT  an author. Wish I was, but I tend to argue with myself too much to get any thoughts into any sort of cohesive order. Strange, coz when I was a kid, I could write for hours. Mostly war stories. Also I have a very active imagination…a little TOO active if you catch my drift. (Picture cartoon characters runnin around with their hair on fire). Hence, I read…..voraciously, it calms my mind.

I have been on a zombie genre bender for the last several months. I had 8 or 9 paperbacks but I never realized how popular the genre has gotten until I won a Kindle in a contest and started looking at the kindle library on Amazon. I thought…”cool, I’ll be able to get a lot more books faster and a lot cheaper”. Faster yes, cheaper yes, but better?


I think, even with my jumbled up thoughts, I could write better than some of the ka-ka I’ve had the misfortune to buy. I have returned some of the worst but kept the vast majority. I’m not saying the cheaper books are all bad, not AT ALL. I have found some really good new writers in Kindle-land. Well new for me anyway.

The first name is simply because this writer passed away before completing his trilogy, other than that they are only in the order I recall them from my head…Z.A. Recht–(RIP) a great talent, gone WAY to early…Stephen Knight *HOLLA* J.L. Bourne, Jason Kristopher, Joe Mckinney, Jack J. Lee–who gave me the privilege of beta-reading and assisting in the editing/proofreading of one of his books ( my name’s in PRINT! woohoo) I’m not sure if I should plug their books here, I want to but I don’t know where I want this blog to go…an unofficial critic’s corner? a common man’s book review? just the ramblings of a slightly-off-center brain? I don’t want to talk about just books here, I think.

Time will tell, I guess.

I will say..I am *tapping foot* PATIENTLY 😛 waiting for sequels to books from most of those listed above (HINT HINT you-know-who!) and a few others I didn’t list.

I guess I should’ve started this by telling you about me, duhh

49…divored 2x….3 kids 2g 1b….6 (yeah SIX) grandkids, the oldest just turned 10 not too long ago….on disability (back)…more spiritual than religious….however, believe in and practice the Golden Rule…think it’s STUPID to hate because of skin color and/or religion…other genre’s I like—in no certain order coz I read almost anything–military SciFi, SciFi, fantasy, horror, thriller, some mystery, some drama, a LITTLE biographic–mostly military-related, a few others that I’m not sure what genre to call ’em…movie tastes also run the gambit–even some chick flicks 😉 —

ummmm, runnin out of things to say for now so I guess I’ll take off…

Cya, Peace \m/