Okay, OKAY Quit Shovin’!

15 Jan

To be honest, I forgot about setting this blog up until someone posted on it, no names but his initials are Drunken Knight…thanks for the reminder bu-u-uddy

First and foremost, I am NOT  an author. Wish I was, but I tend to argue with myself too much to get any thoughts into any sort of cohesive order. Strange, coz when I was a kid, I could write for hours. Mostly war stories. Also I have a very active imagination…a little TOO active if you catch my drift. (Picture cartoon characters runnin around with their hair on fire). Hence, I read…..voraciously, it calms my mind.

I have been on a zombie genre bender for the last several months. I had 8 or 9 paperbacks but I never realized how popular the genre has gotten until I won a Kindle in a contest and started looking at the kindle library on Amazon. I thought…”cool, I’ll be able to get a lot more books faster and a lot cheaper”. Faster yes, cheaper yes, but better?


I think, even with my jumbled up thoughts, I could write better than some of the ka-ka I’ve had the misfortune to buy. I have returned some of the worst but kept the vast majority. I’m not saying the cheaper books are all bad, not AT ALL. I have found some really good new writers in Kindle-land. Well new for me anyway.

The first name is simply because this writer passed away before completing his trilogy, other than that they are only in the order I recall them from my head…Z.A. Recht–(RIP) a great talent, gone WAY to early…Stephen Knight *HOLLA* J.L. Bourne, Jason Kristopher, Joe Mckinney, Jack J. Lee–who gave me the privilege of beta-reading and assisting in the editing/proofreading of one of his books ( my name’s in PRINT! woohoo) I’m not sure if I should plug their books here, I want to but I don’t know where I want this blog to go…an unofficial critic’s corner? a common man’s book review? just the ramblings of a slightly-off-center brain? I don’t want to talk about just books here, I think.

Time will tell, I guess.

I will say..I am *tapping foot* PATIENTLY 😛 waiting for sequels to books from most of those listed above (HINT HINT you-know-who!) and a few others I didn’t list.

I guess I should’ve started this by telling you about me, duhh

49…divored 2x….3 kids 2g 1b….6 (yeah SIX) grandkids, the oldest just turned 10 not too long ago….on disability (back)…more spiritual than religious….however, believe in and practice the Golden Rule…think it’s STUPID to hate because of skin color and/or religion…other genre’s I like—in no certain order coz I read almost anything–military SciFi, SciFi, fantasy, horror, thriller, some mystery, some drama, a LITTLE biographic–mostly military-related, a few others that I’m not sure what genre to call ’em…movie tastes also run the gambit–even some chick flicks 😉 —

ummmm, runnin out of things to say for now so I guess I’ll take off…

Cya, Peace \m/

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