Dumbing-down America

17 Jan

NO idea how many people this post might piss-off, but it’s my post soooo….if you don’t like it TOUGH!

First, I don’t like “reality” shows. There’s nothing real about them.  Every one is so scripted, edited and re-enacted; there shouldn’t even BE a “reality show” genre.

I will give credit to the original—Survivor, season 1.  Of course, The Deadliest Catch has always been real. They just have to edit down the footage to fit into the 1 hour segments each week.

Every season–which recently became twice-a-year–see’s the return of —or introduction of new– innane drivel. Do people really believe “their votes choose the winners each week”? come ON folks. How many times has the “favorite” been “voted” out? Or the least  favorite moved up? puh-LEASE.

The T.V. has finally taken the nickname “idiot box” to a WHOLE new level. It seems the jackholes that run the networks–cable channels as well as the big 3(4), don’t even TRY to come up with new ideas for shows……

“hey what if a guy and his loser family can’t get real jobs? Let’s make them (insert stupid-ass idea here–the dumber the better)Oh and let’s make sure the viewers can be disgusted and/or grossed-out each week, either by the looks of the characters or their behavior”….OR…”let’s put wannabes or has-beens on stage and let the mindless drones watch and THINK they have control over anything!” mwah–HA-HA-HAAAAAA

As the years have progressed, the minds behind some of the R.S.–as I will call them–have gotten more and more filled with B.S. it seems.

SyFy (SyFy = SciFi? REALLY?! another blog another time) channel is coming out with 2 new RS’s. Ohhh Myyy GAWDDD! Do people ACTUALLY pay other people to think up this CRAP??!


I guess that as long as people will put up with being shamed, degraded or insulted just to get their 15 minutes, it will never end. PLEASE FIND YOUR SELF RESPECT.

Here’s an idea, if you can’t think of a new idea for a show….look back 5 or so years at some shows that didn’t make it then, maybe they were before their time, or were cancelled before their time…perfect example…FIREFLY…Las Vegas—without Delinda (whiney, spoiled bitch killed the show) NYPD Blue, the ORIGINAL LAW & ORDER! –Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson were awesome. Man, so many others…..

*deep breath*

Ok, I’ve vented enough for now, maybe….

Cya \m/


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