What The…………..?!

2 Feb

I thought it was a fluke last year when this happened. Until it happened again this year….

What is up with movies being nominated for Academy awards, Golden Globes, etc. before they are even released??!

Last year, The King’s Speech wasn’t even released until either the week before or right after the academy Awards.

Now there’s this movie The Artist…no clue what it’s about. Apparently, it is silent or black and white….W….T……H??!  I hadn’t even HEARD  of this flick until it was nominated for something or other.

I mean granted, the choice of movies the last few years have out-and-out SUCKED but come ON people, nominating movies before they’re even RELEASED??

It seems like every freakin movie being released is ONLY concentrating on being the “biggest, baddest, best special F/X, 3D movie”.  Personally, I’m not to crazy about all the 3D crap out there.  They make a movie about NOTHING then fill it up with 3D F/X and drool over the money we pay to see these over-priced P.O.S.s.  I guess as long as some schmuck ‘ll pay they keep puttin out crap. 😉

In case you haven’t figured it out, NO I haven’t seen a single 3D movie in the theater. I don’t even rent or buy Blu-ray. My DVD player still works fine. When it breaks, then I’ll move up.  But even then, I might not go Blu-ray discs, time’ll tell. 😛

Cya \m/


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