*RATED R POST WARNING* So sick of the Politically Correct assholes

21 Apr

I’ve been reading lately about all the hub-bub around soldiers behavior, “secret” government prisons, and all this other crap.

Don’t even get me started on the upcoming election. Ok, just a little bit…

We will NEVER get this country straightened out until we quit getting rid of 1 crooked, greedy-ass, self-serving, bought-n-paid-for, sorry-assed excuse for a politician for another of THE EXACT SAME BREED.

I think I said this before, but it bears repeating…EVERY SINGLE dipstick in Washington D.C.—from the elected asswipes, from the “political appointed” to their suck-ass office personnel needs to be CANNED, ran out on a rail…SOMETHING. All the PACs, lobbyist firms and the like should be outlawed. ANYTHING that does not benefit the country as a whole should be banned. Term limits for both houses of Congress. Why is there no rule for impeachment of Congress?? as an individual or as a body?? If you’re not working for the betterment of the country….YOU’RE OUT! I know, I know, there are a lot of honest…people…in D.C.. I can’t call them politicians, that’s a dirty word to me. They are in such a small minority, they are almost irrelevant.

OK, back to the original subject…

I am SO AGAINST Political Correctness in ALL forms…it turns my stomach. So WHAT, if a known terrorist gets tortured? big fukkin deal. They BEHEAD people live on the internet for God’s sake! Waterboard their ass, slap their feet. Anything we do to them is NO WHERE NEAR as bad as what they would do to us if the situation was reversed Even with torture, we only go so far.


Yeah some soldiers get carried away every now-n-then…fog of war crybabies…quitcher bitchin..until you go to a country where you are on guard for attack EVERY MINUTE of EVERY SINGLE DAY for over a year NO-FUCKING-BODY has the right to bitch. These self-righteous assholes who call themselves “impartial” or “unbiased” reporters make me  wanna PUKE! If they are so impartial and unbiased, why is it the ONLY bullshit they write or report on is detrimental to the USA military, or the USA foreign policies in general?

I read a story a couple days ago about some whiney-ass going in front of a military judge to try to get allowed to “observe military commissions” at Gitmo. “The public and press have a constitutional right…”  Hey Dickhead..what in the constitution gives you that right? The First Amendment gives you the right to write, print, broadcast any bullshit you want, NOT to horn in on what need to be–for security reason of people involved and the country–secret or secure tribunals for known threats against this country.

One of the biggest problems this country has…aside from the briefly ranted on above.. is this PC bullshit…If your people aren’t american indian…WE KNOW you weren’t born here dickhead! ********-american–fill in the blank– puts America second….


And this trying to please everybody…screw that…if another country doesn’t like what we do or say or want…fuck ’em…guess they don’t need the help we offered that bad. We’ve got enough problems at home, what the hell difference does it make how other countries see us??!

WE ARE THE ONLY SUPERPOWER LEFT…tell the rest..if you don’t like it …PISS OFF!  Don’t ask for military, financial, medical, food aid of any kind

This running around like the fat kid at school, tryin to please everybody doesn’t do anything but get you tired and sweaty. PLUS, in doing all these good deeds around the world, you’re neglecting YOUR OWN PEOPLE FUCKNUTS!

It’s also about damn time we started charging the same price for wheat and other exports that we are being charged for the oil these countries are selling us. We let all these countries…most barely out of the Stone Age…walk all over us and talk shit about us and just smile and ask them if they want more…I’m pretty sure radioactive oil will work as well as regular oil if you catch my drift…..

Later \m/




3 Responses to “*RATED R POST WARNING* So sick of the Politically Correct assholes”

  1. Stephen Knight April 25, 2012 at 11:17 am #

    Such bad language–Gartrell blushed reading your post, but agreed wholeheartedly!

    • paulgross19 April 25, 2012 at 11:21 am #

      Hey now, I TRIED to warn you “Gartrell” 😉 😀 hence the warning at the top of the post

    • paulgross19 April 25, 2012 at 11:23 am #

      Hey now “Gartrell” 😉 I posted the warning at the top of the post 😀

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