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Totally Off the Wall…

28 Jan

Let me say this right from the start….

I listen to all genres of music. My favorite is probably–what is considered now–classic adult rock.  Styx, Eagles, Boston, etc. But I listen to almost everything.

When I am just chillin’ ( or trying to quiet the voices 😛 ) I prefer smooth jazz.  Today I ran across a pianist though that just blew me away.  Yiruma from Korea.  If you want a mellow atmosphere, you owe it to yourself to check this guy out. wow…


I put the “All Yiruma–Playlist” on my youtube page and just let it go.  He really is great.

Actually, I’m listenin’ to him as I type this and it mellows me so much, I kinda go blank every now n then; losin’ myself in the music.

I had planned on not singling out individuals in this blog but, what the hell, I got the right to change my mind 😉

Ok, I’m enjoyin’ him a little too much, so I’m gonna check out for now

Cya \m/